MSRS 1st place ewe
MSRS 2nd place ewe
Held 21-4196 34
Held group state fair
Held 4196 side
Held 22-4293 show
Held 22-4294
Held 21-4225
Held 21-4249
Held 22-4294

Held 21-4249  NNP RR

Undefeated Fall Ewe lamb at Junior Shows including the All-American, NE Youth Show, Oregon State Fair and NAILE.  She stood 3rd in the National Hampshire show (Open) at KY.  The Hanson girls at Charland Hampshires, OR purchased her off the farm last spring based on a picture.  Wow, they did the rest!  Congratulations and thank you for getting this classy ewe ready for the nailed it!

Held 21-4225  NNP RR

Our 2nd fall ewe lamb at NAILE and SD State Fair; 1st at Iowa.  We thought she was perhaps the best fall ewe we had put together in the past 10 years...however there was a better one in the field...Fuller Hamps won the fall class at NAILE and SD!  Congratulations on your daughter of Held 21-4134!!  At the 2022 NAILE Hampshire show the Held flock genetics were found in the top 3 fall lamb placings...sweet!

Held 21-4264  NNP RR

Undefeated in class at NAILE and Iowa State Fair in 2022, Reserve Champion Ram at Iowa!  Sired by Niemeier 818.  Our senior sire has made us numerous studs over the past 4 years, clearly 4264 ranks near the top of that list.


Mumm Hampshires, IL, purchased 1/2 interest in this stud, they used him last fall in their breeding program.  Special thanks to Team Mumm for the exceptional management to keep this buck in show condition for NAILE!

Held 22-4294  NNP RR

2022 Reserve National Champion Ewe and Jr. Champion Ewe


A unique female sired by Pullin 21-54 and a daughter of Niemeier 818!  She checks all the boxes for an elite female - soundness, style, balance, bone and wool...simply has the "IT" factor!





2022 Oregon State Fair

Supreme Champion 4-H Ewe

Held 21-4249

Congratulations to the girls at Char-land Hampshires on their showring success with their fall ewe lamb selected off our farm this spring!


2022 Iowa State Fair  

1st February Ewe Lamb

Held 21-4294

Sired by Pullin 21-54


2023 Show Results

2022 Iowa State Fair  

1st Fall Ewe Lamb

Held 21-4225

Sired by Niemeier 818


2022 Midwest Stud Ram Sale

Junior Champion Ewe

Held 22-4293 NNP RR

Sired by Pullin 21-54


2022 Iowa State Fair

Reserve Champion Ram

Held 21-4264 NNP RR

Sired by Niemeier 818





Held 21-4196  NNP RR

1st place Feb Ewe Lamb at 2021 Iowa State Fair

Her twin sister was 2nd, she was also 1st at SD State Fair


South Dakota State Fair Results

Champion Flock

Premier Exhibitor

1st pair ewe lambs

1st pair yearling ewes

1st fall ram lamb

2022 Show Results

2nd place Fall Ewe Lamb

2021 Midwest Stud Ram Sale


Thank you to DLT Farms - Taylor Family, NE, for adding her along with another fall ewe lamb from our consignment to their show string!

2010 Show Results

2017 1st Flock at Iowa State Fair

Premiere Exhibitor - Hampshires


Held 17-1912  NNP RR

Champion Ram - 2017 Iowa State Fair

Sired by our 2016 National Res. Champion Ram (Fitted)

Held 17-1897 and 1898

Jan Ewe Lambs, Twin sisters by our National Champion Ram

1st and 4th at 2017 IA State Fair

Held 17-1886

Shown by Mumm Hampshires

2017 All-American Res. Champion Ewe

2nd Jan Ewe Lamb - IA State Fair

Held 16-1837 and 16-1840

Fall Ewe Lambs

1st and 3rd place fall ewe lambs - 2017 IA State Fair

Held 16-1768  Sired by Held 14-1511

Undefeated Jan Ewe Lamb for Tinleigh Spoonster, MO.  The Spoonster kids do a wonderful job showing the sheep!


Held 15-1741  NNP RR

Triplet brother to our 2016 Champion Ram at IA and SD State Fairs, Held 15-1742.

Sired by Held 14-1547, 2015 National Champ Ram

Purchased by the Spoonster Family, MO.

Triple Z Hampshires, MO

Wytt and Blake showing a nice ewe lamb at the MO State Fair.  Great job guys!


2016 Reserve Champion Ewe, Jr. Champion Ewe - Wisconsin State Fair

This powerful Jan Ewe lamb is sired by the 2015 National Champion Hamp Ram, Held 14-1547


1st Feb Ram Lamb, Res Jr. Champ Ram - WI

Baa Baa Acres, "Skip" Anderson - WI

Example of the awesome lambs from this flock in 2016 sired by Held 15-1647,  full brother to Held 14-1511


National Champion Ram - Champion Fitted Ram - NAILE


Supreme Champion Ram - Midwest Stud Ram Show


1st place Flock - 2014 NAILE Jr. Show

Winner of the Dale Anderson Family plaque

Our family was very proud to be the first recipient of this prestigious honor!


Held 14-1547  NNP RR

Overall Champion Ram NAILE Jr. Show

1st Feb Ram Lamb NAILE Open Show

Reserve Jr. Champion Ram

1/2 interest purchased by Rodney Scheller, MN


Held 13-1395  NNP RR

Sired by Caskey "Prairie Gold"

Class 2 NAILE Open Show - 2nd Yrlg. Ewe

1st place at IA and SD State Fairs


Held 14-1501 NN QR

Sired by Held 13-1386

2014 Champ Hamp Ram - SD State Fair

2014 Res Supreme Ram - SD State Fair

1st Jan Ram Lamb - SD State Fair

3rd Jan Ram - IA State Fair

Sold to Wallum Hampshires, SD




Held 14-1518  NNP RR, Triplet

Sired by Held 13-1357

Champion Ewe, 1st Jan Ewe Lamb - SD State Fair

2nd Jan Ewe Lamb - IA State Fair

2nd place - NAILE Jr. Show


Held 13-1489 NN RR

Sire by Caskey "Prairie Gold"

1st Fall Ewe Lamb - IA and SD State Fairs



Held 13-1395  NN QR

Sired by Caskey "Prairie Gold"

1st Yearling Ewe - IA an SD State Fairs


Held 14-1511

Reserve Champion Ram - IA State Fair

1st place Jan Ram Lamb


Held 14-1547  NNP RR

Sired by Held 11-1234

1st place Feb Ram Lamb



Held Ram Lamb

Grand Champion Ram NAILE Jr. Show


Held 10-1098  NNP RR

2012 Res Grand Champion Ewe NAILE Jr. Show

Member of 1st place pair of Yearling Ewes NAILE Open Show



Held 11-1190  NNP RR

Sired by Held 2910

Champion Ewe Missouri State Fair

Owner 3-D and Riley Hampshires - John Dillard and Jim Riley Families



Held 12-1303  NNP RR

Sired by Held 11-1142 and dam was by Held 06-2676

This ram lamb and his twin brother were the 2nd pair of ram lambs at the 2012 IA State Fair, out of the stud ewe Held 01-1556.  Her genetics contribute 4 times in the pedigree.


Held 11-1120

Sired by Held 06-2698, one of the great Secret Weapon sons and dam is Held 08-3841, a ewe we named "Showmanship Ewe"

1st place Fall Ewe Lamb - IA State Fair and All-American Jr. Show



Held 10-1098  NNP RR

Sired by Held 09-2910 and dam is a Secret Weapon daughter

Champion Ewe - 2012 All-American Jr. Show

Champion Ewe - 2011 & 2012 IA State Fair


Held 11-1234

Sired by Held 08-3821, a son of Fleener "Showcase"

2012 All-American Reserve Champion Ram


Held 10-1097

Twin to Held 10-1098

2nd place Class 1 and member of 1st pair yearling ewes - 2012 All American




Held 11-1120

Sired by Held 06-2698 by Caskey "Secret Weapon"

Dam is "Showmanship Ewe", 2008 Champion  Ewe All-American and 2009 Reserve Champion Ewe All-American

1st place Fall Ewe - 2012 All-American Show



Held 10-1098  NNP RR

Sired by Held 09-2910

Champion Ewe 2011 IA State Fair

1st Fall Ewe Lamb

Member of 1st place ewe lambs


Held 10-1097  NNP RR

Twin sister to Champion Ewe

3rd place Fall Ewe Lamb


1st place Flock - 2011 IA State Fair

1st pair Yearling Ewes

1st place Ewe Lambs

2nd place Jan Ram Lambs


Held 10-1029  NNP QR

Sired by Held 07-2708

1st place Yearling Ewe - IA State Fair


Held 11-1142  NNP QR

Sired by Held 07-2708

2nd place Jan Ram Lamb - IA State Fair

Member of 1st place mixed pair, young flock and flock


Held 09-2111  NNP RR

Sired by Held 06-2676, by Secret Weapon

Dam goes back to Taylor 211

Champion Hampshire Ram - SD State Fair

Supreme Champion Ram - SD Summer Spotlight

Undefeated fall ram lamb at 2010 All-American and SD State Fair


Held 09-2103  NNP RR

Sired by Held 06-2676, by Secret Weapon

Full sister to 1st place fall ewe lamb at 2010 National Corn Belt Sale, 1/2 sister to 2010 National Sale Res Champion Ewe at Midwest Sale

Champion Hampshire Ewe- SD State Fair

Undefeated fall ewe lamb at 2010 All-American and SD State Fair


Held 10-  NNP RR

Sired by Held 07-2708

1st Jan Ram Lamb All-American


Held 09-2103  NNP RR

Sired by Held 08-3816

1st Fall Ewe Lamb All-American



2021 Show Results

1st place Fall Ewe Lamb

2021 Midwest Stud Ram Sale

Also named Reserve Senior Champion Ewe


Thanks to Rabbit Creek Hampshires, NV, for adding this powerful female to their flock!

2011 Show Results

2012 Show Results

2015 Show Results

2014 Show Results

Held 15-1742

2016 Champion Ram - IA & SD State Fair

A triplet born fall ram by Held 14-1547, the 2015 Nat'l Champion Hamp Ram


Held 15-1646 NNP RR

Sired by Held 13-1357

2016 Champion Ewe - SD State Fair

2nd in class - IA State Fair Class 3

Triplet sister to the stud purchased in 2015 by Baa Baa Acres, WI

2016 Show Results

2017 Show Results

1st place flock - 2016 SD & IA State Fairs

Premier Exhibitor - SD & IA State Fairs


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